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California has become one of the most, if not the most, litigious regions in the nation. Possibly the world. Hundreds of new lawsuits are filed every day in California Superior Courts, alleging one wrong or another. It has become ingrained in the culture that people think nothing of suing one another. Maybe with the hope of getting rich.

This culture has grown like a weed, strangling the economics of our region. Inhibiting economic development that would allow thousands of other parents to better care for their children. Instead of fighting off bogus charges, employers buy insurance policies (employment practices liability insurance, or “RPLI”) from giant corporations that usually want to pay off disgruntled former employees because, economically speaking, it is cheaper to pay those disgruntled workers–and their lawyers–than it is to pay competent lawyers to defend cases through trial. For the betterment of our society, of the culture of Southern California as a vital hub of American economic activity and innovation, this disastrous economic dynamic must stop.

As a responsible employer, you can take a strong stand against tyranny by plaintiffs’ lawyers. Set your company policy to defend bogus lawsuits to the hilt.

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Our firm has 20 years’ experience litigating in California and federal courts representing all types of employers–from some of the largest private employers in the world to neighborhood entrepreneurs, from private schools to medical groups, from retailers to homeless shelters, from C-suite executives to public school teachers. We handle single-plaintiff cases and class and collective actions. We handle your case from initial filing through trial and appeals, advising you as to the best course of action to end the matter expeditiously and economically based on your needs and desires.

We have extensive experience working with many different insurance companies and can easily work within the litigation guidelines your particular insurer may require. Should you get sued, insist that your insurer retain The Jett Law Firm as your defense counsel.

Your livelihood is too important to leave to chance. Retain the best lawyer you can afford to protect your livelihood, the well-being of your family and your future. Retain The Jett Law Firm to represent your legal interests if and when your disputes reach court or arbitration.